The physical environment of the school affects the students’ emotional world, health and performance in a positive way. Aspects of physical environment such as the layout of the educational institutions, the number of students, colour harmony, appropriate lighting and temperature levels, cleanliness, minimum noise levels and aesthetics should be taken into consideration when furnishing an educational institution. These are top priorities for a good education.
BESS Projects offers a product option from a single source with its wide range of products, providing major contributions to the development of educational equipments perception.
BESS Projects has attained a privileged place among similar companies by offering products produced with quality, functionality and R&D considerations. BESS Projects specializes in educational furniture, writing boards, laboratory systems, educational technologies and preschool products.
The products of BESS Projects are used in many educational institutions operating in more than 80 countries. BESS Projects grows in its core business are with its prestige, brand image, knowledge and experience in the educational equipment sector.
BESS Projects has powerful business partners in the domestic market and also gets into world markets through foreign partners.
As BESS Projects, we will provide the support you need and answer all your questions and solve all your problems with our regional representatives and project team.


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